Die zwei Gründer von URBN BARREL sind Kölner Studeten.

The founders

We are two young, imaginative students from Cologne. The years of theory in the lecture hall has spurred us to finally implement our own ideas.

Katharina is the creator of our duo - even if she studies economics. That's why she handles the topics of marketing and communication. She also has an eye on graphic and product design. Doing the work with your own hands and something real in your hands - she thinks that's good.

Moritz is the man of numbers: that's why he takes care of our finances and orders, he has the production in view. As a business administrator, he brings with it the requirements. Moritz retains the overview - he sees the big picture. He is, so to speak, our "project manager".

200l Stahlfass, Ölfass, Industrie, Sicken

The Idea

Steel drums are a hundred years old: and they've always been filled with oil, paints and chemicals. We thought, can that be anything? Can´t you do more with it? They are too good to be filled with liquids only. 

We experimented a lot: just draw a square with a pencil and cut out this piece with a circular saw; tested various paints and finishes and asked family members and friends.

For a long time we worked on designing our product down to the last detail. The sight of the first finished table inspired us: The shapely, simple design without frills and its timeless beauty.

And at some point we knew: that's how it's perfect! Our first table was the barrel buddy in carmine red. Today he has a place of honor in our office. We will never give it away.

So barrels for the industry became real eye-catchers for the home.

Stahlfass, Flexen, Funken, Handarbeit, Trennscheibe, Blechschere


The steel barrels are made by a machine, but then we start working with our hands. We cut, rivet, drill and paint your table in loving manual labor in our own workshop in Cologne. In doing so, we achieve a quality that can only be achieved through genuine craftsmanship.

All our tables are unique. Each unique item is produced to order for you.

Our furniture is timelessly beautiful: Longevity is very important to us, because we want you to have something of the beautiful design for a long time.

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We offer equipment of the highest quality. With us, all raw materials, if available, come from the region - out of respect for people, nature and the environment.

Our barrels are produced in a modern factory near Magdeburg.


The wood comes from sustainable forestry from Germany or sometimes from France. It is cut to size in a joinery in Baden Württemberg. We offer single-layer, oiled solid wood panels of oak, cherry, alder and nut: FSC-certified and waterproof glued formaldehyde-free.

Even our paints are unique: they are mixed in a paint shop near Cologne, especially for us.

Stahlfass, Bohrn, Nieten, Bosch, Handschuhe, Handarbeit, Stahlfass, Ölfass

100% URBN

Impeccable is boring. Our barrels originally made for the industry can sometimes have slight bumps. That's the great thing about our furniture, they are true industrial style.

That's the big city charm - that's how our name URBN BARREL was born.

Individualität, personalisierng, Individualisierung, Fass, Möbel, Couchtischh


We know that every room is different. But only you know how the place can best be used.

Our tables do not fit in your living room or in your hall? No problem! How should your table be?
Tell us - and we will build it for you!

No matter if it's your favorite color, your desired measurements, a personal imprint or something completely different.

What idea do you have?